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She went Wilde
Burns with anger
When she saw some Shakes peareing
At the Frost
Shining like a Kipling cake
On her Plath
Saying, for what my Wordsworth
You Longfellows
You Twain
There should be no Tennyson
Between Blakes
Don't look so Poe-faced
For she was Donne
With Pushkin herself
Putting on Ayres
And singing Carrolls
She wanted a Hardy life
To sell and By rondels, at will
And have Sexton demand
(She was a bit of a Teasdale)
So, Hugo your way
Berryng mind it's your choice
Don't give me that McGough
Shelley you don't need reminding
She will Carver name
Amongst poetic paraKeats
Not a Duffy poem in sight
She'll be a great Ali
We'll Walker through it
Don't Nash your teeth
That'll Naidu
Because she is an Angelou know and
Zephaniah best pals too.

25 Comments on “Name-dropping

  1. Paterson on the back! You’re so Wright! Harwood clap and offer you a Beveridge but Thistle have to do. Okay I made up thistle. But I was trying to get some Aussies in there. πŸ˜€ A rip roaring effort!!! That must’ve taken some collating!

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