A widder’s wiles

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com
A widder's wiles

You'll not catch me
with your widder's ways;
I'm no callow youth
in a lust-filled haze.

I'll not be trapped
by your sexy smile'
those almond eyes
or your widder's guile.

I can't be got
by tossing your hair,
a pouting mouth
or a come-to-bed stare.

You don't fool me
with those honey-trap eyes
or the tempting smell
of your hot meat pies.

Dickens warned Sam
about widders like you;
if I do pop round,
it'll be for a brew.

Widder:  widow  
Sam:  Sam Weller, a character in Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens    
Brew:  a cup of tea or coffee

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