Levelling Up

Photo by Ono Kosuki on Pexels.com
Levelling Up

A storm is a-coming,
fasten the doors;
we've never known anything
like it before.

Lock up the children,
batten the hatches;
make sure it's broadcast
on all the despatches.

Send for the army,
ground all the planes,
quick, turn off the gas
and stop all the trains.

Tie-down your caravans;
anchor your boats;
empty your savings;
curry your goats.

Stay safe in bed,
eat emergency food;
talk to your gran
while she's in the mood.

Board up the windows,
take books from the shelves;
the cars in the garage
can fend for themselves.

The P.M should call
an emergency state;
do it right now,
before it's too late.

Stock up on bog-rolls,
fill the freezer with grub;
this baby is coming
down South, we're the hub.

Hang on old friend,
the weather report
say's the storm's missing us
and is heading up North.

Thank goodness for that,
I mean it, by golly;
We can cancel all this,
they'll make do with a brolly.

In the UK,. the government has promised a fairer share of resources for the North of the country, even appointing a 'levelling up minister'.  This is viewed with some cynicism by many Northerners. People living in the South are sometimes referred to as 'Southern Softies' because Northerners have a reputation for being more resilient. I'm sure this is completely untrue.
Brolly:  UK slang for umbrella

19 Comments on “Levelling Up

  1. Ultimately you get some Surrey-based civil servant, and they stand and look down Whitehall, and they think “would I rather be here or up in Halifax or Gateshead?” And that feeling drives how much anything changes.

    It takes brave moves like sticking things like the DVLA out in Swansea.

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  2. Good to see the weather minister got into action and turned that baby ’round! No doubt it was just an election stunt though. Oh golly. What a polly. Caught up in the brolly folly.

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  3. I’m only a softie when it comes to winter. And cold. And 95mph wind that threatens to down the old trees behind my house. And removing fox poopers from my pots and planters. 😂 And cold. Did I mention I hate cold.

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