The tortured talent

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The tortured talent

True talent
is always singularly selfish;

It is an honest truth
that must be seen
through the painter's eyes.

A tortured soul
which demands a voice
from the poet's pen.

The raw emotion
wrung from
the depths of an actor.

A thirst for victory
against certain defeat
in the champions psyche.

It is all these things,
to the complete exclusion
of other's feelings,
that makes a true genius.

The skilful can show mercy;
the talented
are ruthless.

13 Comments on “The tortured talent

  1. Makes lack of talent feel like a virtue. I honestly think the nature of the genius is significant. If you think, for example, that Jeremy Clarkson is a TV presenter who is talented at being funny and provocative. He fits your description. Ruthless. But there’s an Aussie comedian/musician/poet called Tim Minchin. He is incredibly talented. Is he ruthless? Maybe he is but I don’t think of it that way because his politics aligns with mine. Hmm. Thanks for giving me something to think about

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    • Thanks for this, Worms. I think that there are differences between being skilled, having a talent, and having the skill to use it. The truly talented are so focussed that they would sell there soul to the devil in pursuit of that talent. A writer, for instance, might disclose in excrutiating detail the particulars of a painful relationship without any thought for the other party. As I typed this though, I realised that just being focussed like that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are talented. You have given me food for thought! πŸ˜‚

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  2. It’s like being truly smart and saying you are an intellectual
    Those that are truly smart don’t need to recite their professions or cv
    Skill can be book learned aka intellectual talent is a gift imo like being truly smart


  3. We disagree. When my everyday efforts to make the people around me happy prove ineffective, I’ve given up everything to leave others their happiness.

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