Strong liquor

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Strong liquor

I can be unscrupulous;
Claim that my crapulous
Condition of being well frazzled,
Is never my fault,
But, addicted to malt,
I fear I will end up crambazzled.

Crapulous:  showing the effects of alcohol
Crambazzled:  prematurely aged from too much to drink

16 Comments on “Strong liquor

  1. it is good that we can laugh at ourselves when we are ‘under the weather’ ; there aren’t too many of us who haven’t overi-mbibed on occasions: we all have our funny stories

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    • I agree, we do need to be able to laugh at ourselves, especially after we have done something silly.


  2. Crapulous is fabulous. I’m repeating this word 5 times so I don’t forget it. I’ve read that if you do that, it is like a mental etch-a-sketch on your memory. πŸ˜‚

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