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A poem can make you smile.
A poem could make you cry;
Take but a little while
To leave you wondering, why?

Rhymes can lift the spirit
They help our souls to sing;
Words can have great merit,
A lifetime lesson bring.

Articulated rhyme
Or poetry, free verse
Can soothe a child's bedtime,
Her infant fears disperse.

A poem can teach us love,
A good companion be
Or make you want to shove
Yourself into the sea.

Poems can last a lifetime
Or chuckle and forget,
Rhymes can be a lifeline
Or transient roulette.

Whether you like haiku,
Longer verse, a sonnet
Or limericks as I do,
Rest assured, we're on it.

Poems are not an option
Like taking on a wife;
It's a job description,
A poem, my friend, is life.

25 Comments on “Poetry

  1. Until fairly recently half the population didn’t have the option of taking on a wife. 🙂 But I agree, poetry is life to us poets and, personally, I am less inclined to taking on wives.

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