The parable of the toys

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The parable of the toys

Once upon a time
a naughty little boy
stole a beautiful toy
from the nursery.
It didn't belong to him,
he just marched right in
with his toy soldiers
and he took it.

The other children were upset
but pretended not to be,
so that after a while
they kidded themselves
that they didn't like the toy
and they didn't want it anyway.

Years passed by
and when the naughty boy
realised that the other children
were not going to do anything,
except stamp their feet
and pretend they were a bit cross,
he stole another toy.
Then, when nobody still did anything,
he stole another and another
and he kept on stealing
until there were no more toys
left in the nursery
and all the children cried.

The naughty little boy-
well, he had all the toys in the nursery
but no one would play with him
because he was a bully,
so he cried too.

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