The attraction of opposites

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The attraction of opposites

My wife's a jolly person;
She is optimistic, smug,
Laughs and chuckles all the time,
A proper gigglemug.

Me, well I'm the opposite;
Huffing and a-puffing,
Always narky, grumpy, cross,
A regular humgruffin.

Gigglemug:  Someone habitually happy and smiling
Humgruffin:  A terrible or repulsive person

38 Comments on “The attraction of opposites

  1. I thought a gigglemug was a lucky dip of knowledge – a bit like fortune cookies. And surely a humgruffin kind of cute. It just sounds cute. A cross between a muffin and humming bird and a grin.

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    • I get a lot of these silly words from a great book called Word Perfect by Susie Dent. Your definition of gigglemug is interesting because it’s amazing how words can change their meaning over time. I agree, humgruffins sound like harmless, childlike creatures.

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      • They’re very cool words. I was just being silly about giggle mug. You know how you always refer to google as giggle? I was imagining a kind of search engine mug 🍺 🤔 😅

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      • 🤣🤣 That’s so funny. When I do go on Giggle, I always imagine a little hamster, woken from its sleep, running round trying to find the bit of information I asked for and cursing me between its little clenched teeth, 😂

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    • Thank you, John. I have just told Worms, I get a lot from a book called Word Perfect by Susie Dent. I also use another called 500 beautiful words by Caroline Taggart. If all else fails, I make them up! 😂

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      • that’s the spirit, Hobbo: the English language is endlessly inventive, and capacious enough to accept neologisms of the vernacular 🙂

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  2. Hmmm. Terrible? Mayhaps – like in gruff, or forceful, or alpha, or [just guessing] ugly [make the eyes hurt]. But repulsive? Nah. Not buying it. On the other hand, womens do go for the bad boys.

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  3. I find myself succumbing to humgruffiny (women go for bad boys – pffft). Susie Dent is brilliant btw. I’m using her two starting words for the Wordle game, and my score improved considerably. And I’m surprised that Dauphin permits you to be humgruffinous.😂

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  4. I think repulsive is going a bit far there, Hobbo. Though I won’t ruin your reputation by telling you you’re adorable. LOL. Perhaps a bit curmudgeonly? 😀

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