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How much equity lies in your equities,
How many shares do you share,
How much stock do you take of your stock,
Could anyone claim that you care?

Do you think of the mass as your masses amass,
Counting the money you're worth,
Clutching your pass into platinum-class;
What about poor planet earth?

The waiter pours more of the vintage champagne
As you raise a glass to the poor;
Does your need for greed supersede everything,
Are workers a class to ignore?

When you lie in your shroud and you head for the clouds,
Your money is not worth a jot.
That final hour isn't money or power,
You can't take it with you, you clot!

13 Comments on “Greed

  1. Brilliant!!! Your mastery of rhythm and rhyme just accelerates and accelerates. And now there’s word play and rhymes within lines and never even a waver from the wavelength. It’s really superb.

    Liked by 1 person

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