A beautiful world

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
A beautiful world

Aeons from now
magnificent architecture,
destroyed by war,
slowly crumbles
to giant anthills of dust.

Roads, once gridlocked with traffic,
lie abandoned and overgrown.
There is no plastic, none;
it perished, eventually.
The air is pure and clean
and the ozone layer
has healed itself.

The ice caps no longer melt
and are returning to their former glory.
Forest fires are extinguished;
sea levels have dropped significantly.
The climate is temperate
and ecosystems have recovered.
There is zero pollution.

Wild animals roam freely
across our once-great cities,
their only care, survival.

And the human race;
their brief but catastrophic time
on our planet
is over.
They are extinct;
wiped out centuries ago
by a global pandemic
which made covid 
look like a teething rash.

No, do not weep, my friend,
it is a fitting end.
It is a better world now,
a beautiful world, once again.

22 Comments on “A beautiful world

  1. Okay. Mom Nature runs in cycles. She’s had her menstrual cycles, too. Advancing, retreating ice caps. Continental volcanic eruption. Ask Brontosaurus and Pterodactyl progeny about episodic change. Wait. Um. None around. Hmm. No mistake, I’m eco-concerned, and tire of man pissing-away Natures’ gifts, too. But there are natural ebbs and flows. Though it wouldn’t surprise me to see Ma N pull the plug on mankind. Swell, provocative read. Good job, Dauph!

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    • There is not doubt this ebb and flow at this time in the earth’s history is the direct result of the actions of single species, “Homosapien”. Our effect on the planet is unprecedented for that of a single living species. On a geological time scale it represents a flow in the cycle moving at lightning speed, threatening to leave behind carnage a thousand tsunami’s could never inflict. All things must come to an end and I fear our reign on Mother Earth may be a short one.

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      • I fear the same thing, Greg. We are likely to get wiped out as a species before we totally destroy our beautiful planet.

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      • We may be the most intelligent species to walk this planet, and in the absense of any proof to the contrary, possibly the universe. We are capable of unfathomable feets of ingenuity. Untold beauty in art, language and music. A spirit of discovery a ð exploration through math, science and an ability to understand beyond what we can see on the surface. But for all our intellegence the goal of any species is longevity, to survive and evolve. On our current trajectory, the human experiment, despite all the promise it holds, will be nothing more than a short lived failure. I hope we can find a way but I’m not optimistic. Sorry for getting all philisophical here.

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      • Don’t apologise; you summarise, articulately, my feelings about the human race. It seems to be a tragedy waiting to happen.


    • Thank you SP. Many species have been and gone before us, so I can’t see a strong argument for humans not following the cycle.

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