Blowing with the wind

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Blowing with the wind

With consummate ease,
The political breeze,
Was ridden, wherever it blew.
With the minister's word,
He always concurred,
This catchfart with no point of view.

Catchfart:  An old insult meaning someone who fawns or 'sucks up' to a person.

28 Comments on “Blowing with the wind

  1. Well done! Title and closer make one put polictics and politicos smack where they seem to live anyway – in the crack of some giant ass.

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  2. We like to call them fartcatchers on this side of the pond. You know the type, the yes men who follow the boss around as though they are being lead by the nose. Apparently Putin has an army of them in the Kremlin!

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    • Catchfart, fartcatcher; same thing. Putin’s regime is shit-scared of disagreeing with anything he says or does. Spot on!


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