Light Work

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Light Work

I am the very model of a modern multi-tasking man;
While looking at my cooking, I can keep my bathroom spick and span,
The creases in my ironing
Decrease as I improve my skill,
In hot sunshine, my windows shine,
I reach them from the window sill.

I do the grandkids homework, all their problems, mathematical,
Walk Lurcher to the church, Sundays and have a brief sabbatical.
The carpets vacced, I've ricked my back,
The washing's all hung out to dry,
I've made my bed, varnished the shed, 
But mine is not to reason why.

The lawn is cut, the shops are shut, I bought out all their two-for-one,
Trapped all the rats, without a cat; our chicken coop was overrun.
My goose is cooked, my hide is skinned,
I never, ever saw it coming,
My missus now insists
I am an honorary woman.

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