End game?

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com
End game?

Restrictions are lifted,
we can all breathe a sigh
of relief, we've been gifted
a chance to eat pie

in the pub, with no mask,
meet our mates, have a chat.
not a great deal to ask
but I only hope that

we are not premature
when we think we are free
from this virus; no cure
has been found, you'll agree

that we have to take care,
look out for each other,
been a horrible scare,
we don't want another.

24 Comments on “End game?

  1. Thye true test of this is: are we in a better position to withstand a virus than we were two years ago. And I suspect the resounding answer, in every nation, is “no”.

    And we’re only done with covid until the next variant.

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  2. You don’t see many people wearing masks now. I’m usually the only mask wearer in a shop. I get looked at like I’m from another planet!

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