Love is

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Love is

Love is a fledgling learning to fly,
a glint of a kill in an old tiger's eye,
treacherous too, as the crocodile's smile
and patient to wait, like the sloth, for a while.

Love's a spring flower ready to bloom,
the flash of her calf when she walks in the room,
a skip of the heart as she catches your eye,
unbelievably-beautiful blue of the sky.

Love is the hunger that has to be fed,
an aching that won't go away in your head,
Olympic pursuits in the back of a car,
gently insisting, you won't go too far.

Love is a token, a valuable gift,
That can jump up and bite you, give you short shrift,
Love makes you foolish, witless, absurd,
At the end of the day, it's a four-letter word.

16 Comments on “Love is

  1. Artistically sketched, Hobbo. I love the spring flower and flash of calf. Here’s to the four Leyte record that might be enough to save all of us.


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