The hypocrisy of parenthood

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The hypocrisy of parenthood

They fuck you up, a Larkin quote,
The antics of your mum and dad.
He had it right, bang on the note,
The way we treat our kids is bad.

We tell them that it's good to share,
Then, greedily, we hoard our stuff.
We talk of tolerance and care;
Hide racist views as talking tough.

We show them how the birds and bees
Have sex but just to procreate;
No mention of the pleasure spree
A good sex-life can actuate.

Illiterate and blind to books
We teach that reading is a must.
We party on, draw dirty looks;
When they get drunk, we show disgust.

Be brave, we say, be tough, be strong;
If we're upset, our nerves are raw.
We teach them that to fight is wrong
Yet once again, we go to war.

36 Comments on “The hypocrisy of parenthood

  1. We have a huge responsibility to teach our children the right way. Ollie has already published his first novel, and Benji is working on his, so at least I got the books bit right πŸ˜…

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  2. Perhaps I’m a bad parent in some people’s eyes. I taught my boys that if you can’t talk yourself out of a situation, and they punch you in the nose, then stand up straight and punch them back. My mother taught me that when I was bullied in 3rd grade, how to punch without breaking my knuckles. I never had to teach my boys how to punch; they learned that “survival skill” after living a few years in an orphanage. Regretably, this is coming across a bit terse and defensive, and I don’t mean it to be. 😫

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  3. Yeah parenting is a contradiction in and of itself, we mean well in an effort to protect the little ones. Sometimes I wonder if it really does that. Maybe they need to experience the world as it really is so that they are ready and able to cope when they leave the nest. As for fighting there are times it is justified. I have always taught my kids to defend themselves if necessary using as little force as necessary. That essentially means use your words to de-escalate and if that doesn’t work, do what you need to stop the the threat, nothing more and nothing less.

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  4. Being a good parent is a tough job Hobbo. Kids piss you off…they wind you up…you spend you’re hard earned cash on em and they don’t give a toss…but it’s been the best thing in my life mate. Made plenty of mistakes along the way but got three reasonable well adjusted adults….well nearly anyway.

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    • I only have two; it was enough. I agree, we make a lot of mistakes, who doesn’t, but it’s all worth it in the end.


      • Got three. Middle daughter was a teenage nightmare. At 15 she said she was leaving home and will only come back to have her clothes washed and food… can imagine what we said…

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      • She wanted her hair dyed black and the schools policy was no coloured hair….. luckily now she’s a bit better!

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