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Gosh, I get some weirdos
Following this site,
Awkward to remove them,
Do I have the moral right?

Porno ones, they're easy
-Straight into the bin,
As for all the others
i feel I can not win.

Why have they clicked follow,
If not to comment, like
Or having read my stuff,
Think, what a load of tripe.

Ask me if I'm bothered,
I absolutely am,
Are they actual readers;
I suspect robotic spam.

24 Comments on “Followers

  1. The scary thing is that I follow someone, and these fake followers really get to her. By the sounds of things she has spent hours removing them. Interesting that it really gets to some of us.

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  2. I have lots more followers than ever interact. It doesn’t particularly bother me. It does make me laugh though. I wrote one poem about the dog and got all these dog-washers, dog-groomers, dog-rescuers, dog-trainers following me. As far as I know, they still are despite the dearth of further relevant material. As long as they don’t say unpleasant things or bother me, they’re no worse than an unknown person buying my future book in a bookshop.

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    • That’s a good way of looking at it. They don’t bother me really. As you say, if you write a post about false teeth for instance, you suddenly get dentists and such like following you. Touch-wood, I haven’t had any unpleasantness, yet! 😂

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  3. I must be doing it wrong. Even the robots don’t want to follow me! I do get a lot of comments about CBD oil, vaping and hair extensions but WP does a good job of binning them for me!

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  4. Yupper. Have little problem with porn site followers save the now-and-again escort service. I get the weight-loss, diet, and exercise guru followers. Oh, and the out and out marketing sites. You know they do it to entice you to look and click. Remove’m? The odious ones, surely, the others, nah – got better things to do.

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