Susan’s silly story

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This is my response to an Alliteration Challenge set by Sheri Kennedy over on her fantsastic site.  If you fancy having a go at the challenge, or want a nosy at her blog then bob over to
I would have given you a proper link, but Dauphy hasn't trained me how to do that, yet.
Susan's silly story

Silly Susan, sledging, slowly,
Spied a scary snallygaster      (mythical creature)
Speeding, swiftly slippy-sliding,
Skidded, stopped; a snollygoster      (scheming politician)

Saw Susan and strangely stalked
Her, saying, Sue you sexy spinster,
Such slow scallywaggery      (political opportunism)
Seems soppy, stupid, somehow sinister

Surely I'm a superhero,
Six-feet-six of solid sinew.
Sue suspects some sly seduction
Seeing such a solid surtout      (overcoat)

So, says she, still smiling sweetly,
Sir, such stranger-serenading,
Seems I somehow should've
serendipitously stayed in

Sewing silken socks so my
Seven sisters, sadly sick
Stay stay safe, sound, secure
From such a snidy shaggledick.      (person whose name you can't remember)

Secretly signalling SOS;
Stop, cease your sordid stare,
My sparkling specs spy only
Someone surely not snoutfair.      (old term for fair of face)

Suddenly, Susie's so-called stalker,
Squashing, sadly, Sammy Squirrel
Stomped off sulking, spitting,
Swearing, such a silly old sod, Cyril.

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