Weekend cottages

Photo by Simon Sikorski on Pexels.com
Weekend cottages

The bed's too soft or far too hard
And underneath's a playing card
That's full of dust where hoover missed
Or previous house guest in a pissed

Up state has left obnoxious horror
Which can't be left until tomorrow.
The stairs are steep, I hurt my back
With four suitcases and a pack

Of beer, I purchased at The Bridge
But usually the dodgy fridge
Won't work or makes a squealing noise
Incessantly and wakes the boys

So when I want my wicked way
With better half, she's sure to say,
'Forget it dear, the mood has gone,
Let's head for home, put 'kettle on.'

27 Comments on “Weekend cottages

  1. Love the idea of a weekend cottage. A weekday resort. A holiday chalet. A halfway hotel. A crazy day condo. But you do take the romance out a little. Perhaps really they’re no better than a Terrific Tent.

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  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. Having to pay for accommodation that’s worse than what you have at home is the source of all my grievances. Nothing makes me more cross. I need a bed that won’t bugger up my back!

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  3. Brilliant! We once stayed in a hotel in Blackpool. Cheap and cheerful without the cheerful. The view out of the window was a back yard full of gas bottles and the owners were drunk at breakfast!

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