What’s yours?

Photo by Saif Selim on Pexels.com

Tea, it's not contentious,
Sup it strong, with feeling;
Pretend to be pretentious,
Take Earl Grey or Darjeeling.

Coffee though, that's posher fare,
For barristers and toffs,
Needs sipping daintily with Claire
At the bistro by the wharf.

Latte, Mocha, Black, Flat White,
Enough to drive you mad.
I'll have the Yorkshire tea I like,
Leave others to their fads.

48 Comments on “What’s yours?

  1. Talk about pretentious… I get some tea flown over from the US. That’s my biggest “guilt”, environmentally-speaking. So much so that I limit to 2 orders per year, and 1 cup per day.

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  2. I never thought about whether coffee had more snob value than tea but you might be right. I think tea bags have taken the beauty and ritual out of tea. I stopped buying tea bags a year or two ago. I found (in an op shop) a little one cup tea pot and ever since then I only buy loose-leaf tea and my favourite sort happens to be organic. It still has to get here from where it’s grown (India?) so it’s far from guilt free. But it to make a little pot and pour myself a cup… that feels posh in a way. But it also feels homely at the same time – it’s what my mother and my grandmother always did. Baristas and such like are relatively new to Australia. I think they feel posh because of the ritual around a cafe and meeting a friend. And now people fill half their home bench space with coffee makers. Again, I have a one-cup plunger that I bought at an op shop. It keeps the ritual.

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