Are we there yet

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Are we there yet?

Do we have to go today,
The trip is such a long, long way,
Are we there yet?

All these traffic lights at red,
I could have been at home, in bed,
Are we there yet?

The traffic here's so very slow,
You know I didn't want to go,
Are we there yet?

Why'd I drink that cup of tea,
Can we stop, I need a wee,
Are we there yet?

Now it's pouring down with rain,
This whole thing is such a pain,
Are we there yet?

Can't you drive like extra quick,
I think I'm going to be sick,
Are we there yet?

When we're there, I'll help her bake
A big fat, sticky chocolate cake,
Are we there yet.

That's up to you - that's why we've come,
To see your geriatric mum,
No, we're not yet!

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