Sex scenes

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Sex scenes

The actors who play out
sex scenes on the telly,
to be perfectly frank,
must be really quite smelly.

No matter the mood or
the place or the hour,
there is, afterwards
no thought of a shower.

They roll out of bed and
pull on an old shirt,
no brushing of teeth;
dashing quickly to work.

And, Mr Director, I'm
not one to quibble,
but amongst all that passion,
no mention of dribble.

23 Comments on “Sex scenes

  1. It’s the whole “curated life” thing. It started in movies and now is the MO on social media. I mean, if I were to post a photo of myself on this blog, I would undoubtedly strongly resemble Elle Macpherson. And if I baked anything and chose to share it here, it would look like something produced by the winners of Masterchef. Sure, there are crumbs and dribbles and bad hair and smudged eyeliner and skid marks and bad smells in real life… but not on the movies! That would be unhollywood.


  2. Only film I recall with that kind of realism was one of Sergio Leonne’s Eastwood flicks – G B &U? Where the morning relief is all but frontalled as the cowboy walks up a dune leaving a trail behind as he goes. Good write, dewd. [Yo! Dauph! How they hangin?]

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