Playground bully

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Playground bully

There's a bully in the playground
and he's picking on you, Cain.
We'd like to come and help, but
he might give us some pain.

He did it to our Mia,
threatening with his stick.
We couldn't help her either
and now she's pretty sick.

Smacking's not an option,
caning's not allowed;
we'll confiscate his sweeties
and bar him from our crowd.

We're sorry it's so little,
we dare not see him vexed
or when he's done with you, Cain,
we're going  to be next.

As you stand up to this bully,
you fill our hearts with pride,
behind the wall, we're cheering you
- you know, we're on your side.

22 Comments on “Playground bully

  1. Three strapping needed here. The bully, his parents, and Cain’s parents. Four. The school admins. Five if you count the society dipdits who run around screaming “child abuse!”

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