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The luxury
of choice
requires attention
to our voice.
Should that new car 
be battery, electric
hybrid or eclectic.

Smallest, smaller, small,
do we need a car
at all.
Get a bus or take a train
or a taxi
now and then.

Yes, our towels are old
and faded
but the fact that they are jaded,
they still work
they dry our skin;
come on girl, it's win-win.

And as for
this strange passion
of keeping up to fashion
what a nonsense
that turned out to be.
We need to take 
some drastic 
action on our plastic
or listen, friend;
we'll all end in the sea.

18 Comments on “Choices

  1. Recycling is more of an effort now, here – a longer drive, which we time with our grocery shopping – but I am impresses, distressed over the amount of plastic waste we create. Clamshells are the worst. Difficult choices to be made.


  2. I love taking the bus. And the train. Not so much the Underground; too crowded, and Covid is going berserk down here again. 1 in 8 in Brighton and Eastbourne testing positive. Give me strength!

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