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There is something satisfying,
sensual even,
about the honest weight
of the steam iron.

It stills my trembling hand
as it wriggles and glides
between and over
the creases.

A hint of scent
from her clothes,
rising and teasing
with the steam.

Wrinkles disappear,
leaving a smooth
flat surface
of perfect weave.

A few garments
every day,
my secret pleasure;
don't dob me in.

17 Comments on “Ironing

  1. Ha ha. We rarely iron in this house but yesterday I showed the kids how to iron their smart shirts for orchestra. It was nice! I quite like the sounds and the smell. But not the anxiety about the heat or getting all the stuff out and putting it away again.

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    • I put the clothes in the wardrobe as I iron them. Mrs H. says I’m not very efficient, but I just prefer to put things away a bit at a time. πŸ˜‚

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