If, if, if

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com
If, if, if

We could untangle some of life's mystery
if we learned a few lessons from history,
but we don't.

The earth would not be as polluted
if we'd listened to experts, reputed,
but we didn't.

We would have much better world leaders
if we didn't reward bottom-feeders,
but we do.

If our nations had never unfurled
their flags, we could all share the world,
but they did.

If Lennon could have sold his world vision
our world would not be in division,
but he couldn't.

If religions were not so uptight
would it matter which one was the right,
but they are.

If wildflowers were ugly, not pretty
we would all live and work in the city,
but they're not.

And birds wouldn't fly in the sky
if their diet was mostly fish pie,
but it isn't
-so they do,

28 Comments on “If, if, if

  1. Some flowers found in the rainforests are fookin smelly like the rafflesia. Nobody will want to live around there.

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