Worry less, live more

Worry less, live more

I wish I was 
a bumblebee,
she never frets
like me, you see,
buzzes round,
producing wax
and not a cent
to pay in tax.

Or a bird
upon the wing,
all day long
to sit and sing,
never empty
cupboard panic,
free fresh food
and all organic.

The tree that sits
deep in the woods,
spares not a thought 
for worldly goods.
The animals
upon the farm,
what use they
for an alarm.

Fishes swimming
in the sea,
all these creatures
wild and free;
don't recycle,
empty bins,
worry what
the future brings.

Even my best
friend, the dog,
never once
has cleaned the bog.
Which of us
then is the fool
and why so many
years at school.

17 Comments on “Worry less, live more

  1. I do often wonder as I watch animals in the wild (any kind of animals) how much of what they do is simply surviving and how much is actually, as we perceive it, relaxation or “fun”. Like, I watch the galahs swing upside down from the telegraph wires when it rains. They shriek and flap and look like it’s all hilarious. But actually maybe it’s their stolen opportunity for a proper bath. And how much time must they spend looking for food, especially if they have little ones? It’s funny how we build societies for safety and convenience (shops, houses, roads, cars, etc) but it all adds to responsibilities and pressures as well. Would we be better off in caves illiterate but happy?

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  2. Thunk it was gonna be a piece by Dauph [the picture, man, the picture] with his unique and brutally precise analysis. Mildly disappointed in the beginning, this turned out a fine piece of poemetry, even better philostrophy. Thankee.

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