The bad shepherd

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The bad shepherd

The shepherd has a crook
to catch his errant sheep.
This shepherd is a crook,
his prices way too steep,

The price he charged for mutton,
enough to make blood boil.
His lamb steaks, for the glutton
are keeping pace with oil.

There's madness in his method,
organic, sheepish scoff,
for this is no good shepherd
he is trying to rip you off.

23 Comments on “The bad shepherd

  1. I like this one; I like the word play with ‘crook’ ; the third verse nails it ! I wrote a poem once, it might have been about Assad, how a certain leader was wreaking havoc on his country when he should have been the good shepherd watching over it, loooking after his flock —

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  2. Well, they say the lord’s a shepherd, and we are all his flock, but that’s not to be commended, couldn’t ask for worser stock.πŸ˜‚ Great lines in here, Hobbo.

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