The laconic man

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The laconic man

I tend to laconic,
my love life platonic,
quotidian, run of the mill.
There's nothing exciting.
no shouting or fighting,
a once-was that's over the hill.

The passion is sagging,
I look like old lagging
when naked, a horrible sight.
Without my new dentures
my foodie adventures,
restricted to suck and not bite.

I still think I'm forty
and try to be naughty
but these days, it's all in the mind.
My memory's so shot
that as likely as not,
I lose twice as much as I find.

Invited to dinner,
I'm on to a winner
I'll grin and just nod at the host.
Get away with the wrong fork,
no need to make small talk;
ignore me, I'm deaf as a post.

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