Arboreal Heroes

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Arboreal Heroes

Soldiers, our trees, standing at ease,
Guarding their secrets, keeping their peace.
A shelter for squirrels, a haven for birds,
Centuries' sentinels, barking no words.

Timeless their wisdom, unique what they know,
Where we all come from, whither we go.
The circle of life, the pull of each season,
History repeating our blind lack of reason.

Abuse of the planet, the rape of our earth,
Warfare, destruction and lack of true worth.
Trees try to help, to become the solution,
Arboreal heroes who drink our pollution.

Solid and firm, wooden but true,
Trees won't be swayed by things humans do.
And what their reward for this life without flaw?
A premature end in the teeth of a saw.

22 Comments on “Arboreal Heroes

  1. Just brilliant Hobbo, a wonderful tribute to our leafy; wooden guardians! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ‘ Some excellent lines in here but the following stand out to me personally: “Solid and firm, wooden but true,
    Trees won’t be swayed by things humans do.”

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  2. A fantastic ode to the trees. I share your love for the trees. Sad thing is that us humans cut down forests in an unprecedented speed and replace with tree plantations.

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