Drowning in poetry

Dauphy: You’ve quite a collection

Hobbo: Knocking on for two thousand now.

Dauphy: They’re cluttering up the dining room; you’re going to have to do something.

Hobbo: I’ve had an idea.

Dauphy: Blimey!

Hobbo: Later this year, Austin Macauley will be publishing the first collection, ‘Hobbo on Life.’

Dauphy: But that is just a drop in the ocean, and anyway it’s self-publishing really; you had to make a contribution.

Hobbo: This is where my idea comes in.

Dauphy: Go on….

Hobbo: I could learn to self-publish on Kindle and then organise the stuff into collections and put it out there. For free.

Dauphy: And you know what you’re like with technology. It won’t happen.

Hobbo: Have you got a better idea?

Dauphy: I have, as it happens. Ask your WP friends.

Hobbo: (After pausing for thought) Dauphy, you’re a genius.

Dauphy: I know…

36 Comments on “Drowning in poetry

    • Thank you, Misky. I’ll wait for a response because I don’t want to cajole busy people into any sort of onerous commitment. I’d just like a hand spreading the love; I don’t want any monetary reward. πŸ˜‚

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  1. Look on Youtube. There are some pointer vids but they are at a very high level. Amazon’s pricing model is good – they charge a lot in commission but there is no initial outlay, except of course your time.

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    • I have downloaded something called Kindle create which has tutorials and stuff. The problem for me is that it has so many links to click on and these takes you to other links. It’s like trying to read a whodunnit by flicking backwards and forwards through the novel. I lose my place and then the will to live πŸ˜‚

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  2. If you have someone help you set up your Kindle account and explain the distribution choices, putting in new collections will be a breeze. As long as you know how to type a Document into Word or get it put into that format, you just enter title information etc. and then upload the document, much like attaching it to an email. You’ll also need a photo image for the cover for each, but I know you can do that since you manage uploading photos for your blog posts. You could even copy and paste the poems from your posts into a Word doc, if you don’t have them in digital form other than on your blog.
    I’m willing to help set it up with you for your first one, but I think it might work out better to find someone more local so they can potentially meet up with you and show you the ropes in person. Also, we’ve got a significant time zone gap. But it could work remotely if you use Zoom? That tool could be great since I, or whomever you work with, can share their screen and show you everything in KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing.) I’ve helped several people get started in publishing their own work and enjoy sharing. You’ve already got my email from the alliteration contest. So let me know…

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    • Thank you, Sheri for your kind offer. It sounds from what you are saying as though I am part way there already. I save my poems on a daily basis into Google Docs which I have called complete works of Hobbo. When I reach 200ish, I start a fresh volume, so I currently have 9 volumes completed. They are just an eclectic mix of poems in the order I post them but I suppose if they were published for free, that wouldn’t be too critical. I think saving Google docs as Word docs is quite straightforward, and I can just about download my own images.
      Yesterday I downloaded something called Kindle Create which I was hoping would be a step by step guide. It is, but there are so many links with further links to click on that I get lost! Someone local to point me in the right direction would be ideal. I do feel encouraged by what you tell me because I don’t think I am that far off now, so thank you!! πŸ˜‚

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      • It’s a time thing as well, Sheri. At some point I am going to have to discipline myself to stop writing/posting and start organising/publishing. It’s hard because it’s the writing side that I enjoy. Thanks for the moral leg-up though. I appreciate it. πŸ’–

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  3. I am useless in this department. Wouldn’t know a kindle if I sat on it. Okay, that’s not true but my knowledge of kindles goes little beyond that initial recognition. And my knowledge of publishing is even less acquainted. Sorry.

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