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My tinnitus
Is limitless,
An engine in my ears,
Loud ringing,
Then odd pinging;
I need sound engineers.

17 Comments on “Tinnitus

  1. Great poem!! I love the rhyming of tinnitus with limitless.i can only imagine the frustration of that constant noise. I get cranky enough with our exhaust fan above the stove.

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    • πŸ‘ Sorry to hear that, John. There is no cure, as no doubt you will know. The first time it woke me up, I honestly thought that an inconsiderate neighbour had left their car engine running.

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  2. Yupper. Counted mine. Six different tones, I think. Last “new” one was about ten years ago. I searched the basement for two hours trying to find “what is running?” Some good came of it. Boss was able to confirm I’m nutso. Saves her a lot of time. Can you remember onset of the first (or only) tone?

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    • I have had the ringing jobby for a few years. I distinctly remember the first time the engine noise woke me up. I lay there thinking that some b****** was doing their washing or had left a car engine running. That one is constant now, usually drowned out by everyday life, but as soon as things go quiet, it reminds me that it’s there…..a bit like Mrs H. really!

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  3. Outrageous the haven’t found a way to bypass this issue at least for periods of relief. Silence is so precious to me. I’d never finish any writing with ringing, how ever do you manage it? You’re a sound warrior, Hobbo.

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    • A sound warrior 🀣🀣🀣 You get used to it, a bit like the constant noise of Mrs H in the background!


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