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My life has been a journey,
That's what they say these days.
I'm getting quite old-fashioned,
I must learn to mend my ways.

When I was young, a journey
Meant going on a bus,
An exciting treat as children,
One worth a bit of fuss.

As we grew, got older,
A journey meant real far,
A tram, a train, a ship or plane,
Our granddad's shiny car.

Nowadays a journey
Makes you sound quite hippy,
People go on journeys
Just popping to the chippy.

Well, I'm off on a journey,
I'm nipping to the loo.
I'll have had another journey,
When I have had my poo.

17 Comments on “Journeys

  1. Ha ha ha. I use journey to talk about experiences as much as travel. Cancer treatment was a journey. Is that hippy? But hey, pooing is an experience. And every one is unique. Maybe your next poem can cover that. 🙂

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  2. With a lilt in his step and
    A lightness in his heart
    He thanked his lucky stars
    The daily journey was successful
    Yeilded more than just a fart!

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