How much!

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How much!

The car's
in for service much!
It needs
a new clutch much!
that's eight
hours labour how much!
that's an arm
and a leg
...comes to how much!
here,take it
take the lot
...pass that crutch.

23 Comments on “How much!

      • It’s all in the noise. LOL or lack of. Seriously though, petrol prices are through the roof here since Russia invaded the Ukraine. My cousin recently bought an electric car and he reckons he’s saving $150 a week because he charges it at home. I can send you a spreadsheet Mr Worms did up comparing buying a $20,000+ 2nd hand electric car with buying a $2000 old petrol car. He was shocked at how rapidly the electric car was going to save us money (his spreadsheet included depreciation). I mean if you’re saying you can’t afford any new car, then sure, you’re best off paying for the servicing I guess. But if it’s the fact that the new electric car costs more than the “equivalent” new petrol car, our experience is that the ticket price is quickly overcome by other expenses.

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      • I believe you. You are preaching to the (soon to be) converted. We’re currently looking at moving house, so I don’t need a new car at the moment…I’m only doing 5k miles a year. As soon as we move and I start looking round for a new car, electric will be my choice. Even if it worked out slightly dearer, I’d do it for the environment. I feel morally obliged. πŸ˜‚

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      • There’s only one way to avoid Big Brother; go off-grid. Once you hook up to the internet, you give up your privacy. Heck, the postman knows more about me than my neighbours! But I have two things on my side: I’m the daughter of a postman, and my youngest son was his daughter’s teacher. It’s like we’re all-in-the-family!

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    • Luckily, I am in a position where I can grin and bear it these days. Newly married, these things were a crippler! πŸ˜‚

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