Politics of War

Photo by Kris Mu00f8klebust on Pexels.com
Politics of War

The western world,
though not weak,
has elected spineless leaders,
lacking in moral fibre.
Where now
our dames de fer
when we need them?

Better by far,
to bite the bullet,
go short of food,
run out of fuel,
be cold,
have our lives
in support
of our Ukranian neighbours.

More palatable this,
than to give
one cent,
one penny,
one ruble
to finance
the duplicitous,
of the criminals
in the Kremlin.

27 Comments on “Politics of War

      • There must be some truth there but surely they can learn from the mistakes of history. Politicians are not all the brightest, but I would think they can read. 😂

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      • It’s a good argument actually for rearming. Just in terms of there will always be a bully-boy somewhere who wants to chance their arm, so we should be able to stand up to them.
        It’s a ponder because my normal belief is that there are better things to spend money on than weapons.

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  1. Your poem has caused me to think about these two sayings:
    “Look to history for the answers” and “History has a lot to answer for”. I can’t decide if they’re the same thing or opposing ideas.

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  2. Always on point, Hobbo.

    Unfortunately, our politicians mirror our collective mood. Although we feign outrage as we sip our lattes and bury our faces in our device du jour, we are the ones who have forgotten history. Unable to see the striking parallels to WWII we balk at the thought of real war, hell we barely have the stomach for our own democracies. I am not a warmonger by any means but there are times it is necessary and Putin and company are an existential threat we’d be best served to not ignore. Signing a couple of Facebook petitions or sending $5 to GoFundMe won’t be enough. Wake up people and use your voice to make your politician act!

    My apologies for the rant!

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  3. What a mess it all is. If Nato get stuck in then what? Or do we leave the Russians to kill who they want? Personally, I’d like to see us in there. Putin has pushed and got away with stuff, including the poisonings in Sailsbury. Push them back into Russia and hammer them with sanctions. It’s crap for the Russian people though.

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