Photo by Thijs van der Weide on

Worker bee and bumblebee
Were harvesting a bumper,
When worker bee says, 'Sweet chickpea,
I love that stripy jumper.'

11 Comments on “Beehave

  1. Love/hate relationship with the stingey-butted pollinators. Love’m in the garden, where we respect each other, bummblers even landing on the plant I’m working now and again. Did have a major run-in with a nest of the bumble doobers when I bear-hugged a fencepost to pull it out of the fencerow, ye-ouch! (Many, many times, ye-ouch!) Honeybees, no problem, they mind their beesness. Woodcutters (also polinators of the first water) hate’m for the damage they cause exposed wood. Woodcutters are convinced though that people think them bumblers and will get right up in your face – slap! End of one woodcutter. Good post. Makes me ready for spring!

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