A foolish choice

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
A foolish choice

Little, black mole
Grew bored of her hole
Full of worms, sought the sunnier side.
Then an owl saw her there,
Enjoying the air.
Swooped down and scooped up her wee hide.

19 Comments on “A foolish choice

  1. I’m thinking of training some crows to attack rabbits, chipmunks, and moles. Would use a raptor but you are regulated if you do {expletive}{expletive} gummint! So using crows. Not bad birds when you get to know them. Except Chauncey (get this) a vegetarian. Still shows up for corn and oats though he’s yet to assault the first rabbit. (I supplement right now as Ron, Genevieve, Lucas, and Elrod are slow to get the mobbing thing and I have rabbits the size of wolves. They consider it beneath them, I think because they are often chased by starlings, sparrows, and martins in the wild who think my crow buds are after their eggs. The crow crew assure me they are not.)


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