Breast Screening

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Breast Screening

Squashed, squeezed, mauled,
Never been a chancer,
Far better overhauled
Than run the risk of cancer.

22 Comments on “Breast Screening

      • Thanks Hobbo 🙏😊 Thankfully she recovered from that but colon cancer would the one that struck her down over 2 ymyears ago unfortunately.

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      • First year or so is the hardest Hobbo! You go through all the stages of grief and believe me I did! It’s why I share poems about her sometimes to keep the memories alive and positive. 😁 You have your good days and bad days but the bad days get a little less as time goes by. Cancer is a fucker! Excuse my language but it is!

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      • 🤗❤ī¸đŸ‘ I’m sorry about your sister Hobbo! ☚ī¸ Cancer has affected more lives than I care to imagine!

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  1. I’ve apparently crossed over the age threshold, and the NHS doesn’t think an old bat is worth the money spent. Pffft. And to think I still pay taxes.

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    • We get to a certain age and the NHS thinks, well, the old buggars are going to die anyway, so…
      And yes, we still pay our taxes, unlike many!

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