Great white hunters

Great white hunters
Mr and Mrs Hobbo are actively house-hunting at the moment.  This seems to be a stressful hobby which takes up a lot of their time. Luckily, they love me enough not to neglect my daily needs, simple though they be; my needs I mean, not Mr and Mrs H.
It does mean though that he is spending less time with his lapdog and his poem posting is suffering. For those who look forward to their daily dose of Hobbo daftness, I can only apologise to you both and promise that normal service will be resumed as soon as pawsible.

23 Comments on “Great white hunters

  1. Thank you for this most excellent โ€˜pupโ€™lic service announcement, dear Dauphy. House hunting is exciting, at least at first. Iโ€™m sure theyโ€™ll find you the perfect new neighborhood.


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