Party people

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Party people

Funerals in masks,
people dying alone,
yet the party's parties
they're prepared to condone.

31 Comments on “Party people

  1. It boils down to whether they want him as PM. I suspect he’s no more corrupt than most of them, so I can understand why they want to keep him.

    Local elections will be interesting, because the only way they’ll drop him is if he looks like he can’t deliver power. Like Thatcher.


    • Who are “they”? In Hobbo’s poem I didn’t really think about it but now I wonder about that too. πŸ€” Is it the media? The opposition? The other conservatives? I am aware of the story but not the details.

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      • I guess. I just thought that if it was “the party’s parties” then they were complicit in the partying. So I thought the “they” entities must be outsiders. Here, most of the media is owned by Murdoch. I can imagine if it was a story of Australian politics “they” could refer to the media and therefore to a large swathe of public opinion which is effectively controlled by Murdoch. So I was just checking.

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      • Media here sniffs blood, so is interested mainly in digging dirt. A lot of his own MPs seem disgusted. But it’s one thing being disgusted, and another to want to oust him.

        We have elections at the start of May and they will be interesting, as the public will express its verdict. Technically, investigations are not over – there is very much a tactic to delay – but probably many people have seen enough already. I think his MPs will only act if he appears to be a lame duck.

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      • Yeah. We have elections coming up in May too. Given Australia’s recent history, the press like to highlight any factions within the parties. It’s all so juvenile. So little real dialogue is had. In fact, the current gov’t is squashing any debate. I wish the media would refuse to report the stupid accusations and name-calling that go on. It’s such a waste of time and money and our democracy is more and more of a farce.

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      • I’d ideally like to get rid of poor performers, as we might do a useless employee (which is basically what they are) but it’s difficult to see a fair way to do that in practise.
        Possible way would be a petition requiring (total votes cast against) plus some margin (10%?, 20%?). All time-limited. But you’d need to check each signature to ensure they are a voter. Nightmare.
        Having a finite term is the only practical way, I think. But maybe restrict the number of terms to ensure fresh-ish intake?

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      • As you say, nightmare to administer. I’m not sure that restricting terms is necessary because people tend to vote with their feet when they’ve had enough.

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