The Rugby Player

Photo by Patrick Case on
The rugby player
A bleeding nose, a broken foot,
a dislocated thumb,
nothing really serious,
so point me at that scrum.

v the Footballer
He pulled my hair and tugged my shirt,
then broke a fingernail,
get a grip ref, send him off,
I'm feeling rather pale.

37 Comments on “The Rugby Player

  1. Chuckle and wonder how the NFL sissies would do matched against a rugby team. It obviously would be a new game in fairness to both, but I’m betting the NFL would come out bruised.

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  2. If you are familiar with American football and baseball, even just a little, I suggest you watch George Carlin’s video on the differences between the two games. It’s hysterical, even for non-Yanks! 🏈 ⚾️

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  3. Rugby league. The greatest sport on the planet! I broke my nose when I was 14 playing it…. Happy days covered in blood and snot!

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