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I don't want
a manager
who sits quietly
on the touchline,
clever tactics
to deny
the opposition.

I want one, 
purple of face,
who runs
up and down his area,
shouting at his players,
screaming abuse
at the ref.
The first to see red
who, when we're ahead,
hides the ball
up his jumper.
my kind of manager.

13 Comments on “Passion

  1. You basically want Roy Keane! πŸ’ͺ

    There is a cool youtube video about him.

    Something about him being too angry to lose. Shouldn’t be difficult to find if you type it on youtube.

    And, yeah, really cool poem. But I believe, nowadays that’s called micro-aggression (or some bullcrap…).

    It’s sad when people mistake passion for something else…

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