Ronald McD.

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Ronald McD.

You sit in the car
For an hour and a half
No cooking; you're not in the mood.
That's the size of the queue
At McDonald's drive-through
And they tell you that this is fast food.

19 Comments on “Ronald McD.

  1. Fast probably more relates to the speed with which the food metabolises in your body and then leaves it again…. πŸ˜†

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  2. I’m with you. I see drive through queues at fast food places and imagine sitting there in all the exhaust fumes and preferring a mini traffic jam to a meal at home. But, that being said, sometimes meal preparation gets overwhelming. There have been nights when I opted out of cooking and we wound up doing metaphorical cartwheels to organise some kind of meal that everybody would eat. There’s a point at which you’re committed and the kids need feeding and it’s hard to back out. I can imagine that happening in a fast food queue. You literally can’t change your mind once another car has joined the queue behind you.

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    • I agree. There are very rare occasions when we opt for a take out, and I can see your reasoning. It’s the queues at these places and I can’t help but feeling that most of them will be regular, if not daily, customers.

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  3. Now they have a even worse habit of having you park in numbered spots once you’ve ordered and run the food out once it’s ready so the damn timer doesn’t run out on hq’s service standards.

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