About us

Bonjour, je m’appelle Dauphy, and despite the title of this blog, I am the brains behind this operation. I am 12 years old and for the first 7 years of my life I lived in France with my best pal Bella, and our humans Mr and Mrs Hobbo.

When we came back to live in England, Hobbo came out of retirement to drive a mini bus taking disabled children to school, and handicapped people to a day care centre. He has since gone back into retirement, and now idles away his time by playing on the computer. When I say playing, that’s exactly what he does do. He hasn’t a clue what he’s doing, but he is from Yorkshire, so I try to make allowances!

Sadly, Bella went to that great dog basket in the sky a couple of years ago, but more about her later. We are both very proud of this logo, which has been awarded to us a couple of times by Chelsea Owens who runs her own fantastic website.


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