The Racehorse

The racehorse eleven hundred pounds of graceful thoroughbred deciding my fate.

The caring profession

The caring profession A woman with problems, Fallopian Saw a specialist doc, Ethiopian Eighteen kids later She sued this creator For spoiling her life style, Utopian.

Long John Baldry

Dauphy and I are always happy to do requests. Our friend John Malone in Australia asked if we would pen a verse or two about Long John Baldry, and we are pleased to oblige. John Malone has a great website, well worth a visit if you haven’t already. Here is a link: Long John Baldry was an English-Canadian blues singer who was the…

Eastern Promise

Eastern Promise Things were not as they seemed.

You’re having a laugh!

Men are often criticised for not talking openly about their health problems. Well, I had a discussion with a good friend of mine recently about just that. Consequently, he gave me an amazing piece of advice which, in the spirit of openness, I would like to share with our male readers. It is slightly embarrassing, but hey, that’s why we don’t discuss things isn’t…

The football match

The football match My debut for the ‘dads v lads’ The shortest you could see Substituted me, the cads Straight after ‘take the knee’.

Dauphy’s Tanka

Dauphy: You like doing Ingrid’s EIF poetry challenge, don’t you? Hobbo: Sometimes, yes. Why? Dauphy: This week she is asking for tankas, so I’ve written one! Hobbo: Are you sure? The rules are a bit complicated. Dauphy; Here. Have a look. Dauphy’s Tanka They drive their tankas through the mud, tankety tank shoot the enemy. I’m not scared, I have a bomb boom boom…

Classic Car

Classic Car The motor belonged to his niece But she let him have it, on lease On lifting the bonnet A fourteen line sonnet The source of the rhyme, ancient grease.

Another day

Another day storm clouds gathering nature’s harbingers of doom birds holding their breath. sun, escapes it’s horizon we smile, live another day.

Medical Records

Medical Records Today, my virus jab Old folks turn, I guess Little prick sir, said the nurse Politely, I said yes. Then I got to wondering How did she know that? Do NHS keep records Of every little fact? NHS: National Health Service in the UK