Free It’s alright now Because you see, I’m Free and if you get that pun Then you’re as old as me.


Regret regret, a luxury both can’t afford if we want to move forward.


Hygiene His teeth scrubbed with a bog brush Which Dave claimed stopped decay Had turned his teeth bright orange And kept the girls away. Bog; UK slang for toilet, bathroom, rest room.

The Firm

The Firm she needs well oiled machine she gets a well oiled drunk her firm collapses.


Shock One is smaller He hears girlfriend snigger A worrying thought when He thought one was bigger. Snigger; UK slang for titter, giggle

Space X

Space X It’s gravity free in Space X Where you’ve seen some funny effects On the astronaut’s hair Which flies in the air What on earth must go on in their kecks? Kecks; UK slang for a pair of trousers


Generosity generosity towards our children can be mistaken for wealth.


Bob My name is Bob I’m a … My name is Bob I’m a… My name is Bob I’m a… Poem written by Bob, the goldfish Goldfish allegedly have an attention span of less than five seconds.


Batman Batman’s caught the virus Lost his sense of taste Won’t come and get his Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner What a blooming waste.


Safari On safari, he takes careful aim At the tiger, to kill, not to maim The tiger’s the winner It eats him for dinner Serves him right for claiming he’s game.