Bob My name is Bob I’m a … My name is Bob I’m a… My name is Bob I’m a… Poem written by Bob, the goldfish Goldfish allegedly have an attention span of less than five seconds.


Batman Batman’s caught the virus Lost his sense of taste Won’t come and get his Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner What a blooming waste.


Safari On safari, he takes careful aim At the tiger, to kill, not to maim The tiger’s the winner It eats him for dinner Serves him right for claiming he’s game.


Loneliness human company unappreciated until we are lonely.


Granny My gran Was so funny Always made me laugh She would say “Watch her She’s a flibbertigibbet. Great word gran! Flibbertigibbet, a frivolous, flighty or excessively talkative person.

Mr Noisy

Mr Noisy Her husband when speaking would bellow A trait she decided to mellow By feeding him custard With dollops of mustard Which worked, though his skin turned bright yellow.


Infedelity She dissatisfies He diversifies She tries He falsifies She identifies He denies She spies He solidifies She pries He lies She clarifies He justifies She decries He mortifies She vilifies He pacifies She amplifies He sighs She goodbyes He cries Love dies.


Votes Trump and his admin divisive Though beaten by margins decisive Claim’s Biden’s a fraud But the news from abroad Is the watching world thinks this derisive.


And a little haiku for my new friends. Hobbo Gears Which gear is going up? So is down up then? Teaching wife to cycle.


A couple of earlier poems now, for my friends who have just started following. Apologies if you have read them before. Hobbo Friends Simon was famous on Facebook Had hundreds of friends in his life Yet no one he actually spoke to No buddies, no girlfriend, no wife. His success was repeated on Twitter One million followers plus But he came to a violent…