The Operation

The sight in the mirror had stunned her
The medics had made a real blunder
Her pert little nose
Looked like a red rose
And the surgeon refused to refund her.
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The Greenhouse

A woman of strange misdemeanour
Had a greenhouse which could've been greener
So now and again
She rang her friend Len
And had the glass shined by Len's cleaner.

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The Viking

Hagar the horrible Viking
Had a helmet not quite to his liking
The horns were too small
To protect in a brawl
So, with chin strap he used it for biking.

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Sammy the snail

Sammy the snail with crustaceous
Shell of proportions palacious
Was mugged by a thug
Now he looks like a slug
And is homeless, which I think disgracious.

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The Entertainer

Entertainer with stage act hypnotic
Lives lifestyle extremely chaotic
As he shaves, does a dance
Puts himself in a trance
That's not careless, it's just idiotic.

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Space X

It's gravity free in Space X
Where you've seen some funny effects
On the astronaut's hair
Which flies in the air
What on earth must go on in their kecks?

Kecks; UK slang for a pair of trousers
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Mr Noisy
Her husband when speaking would bellow
A trait she decided to mellow
By feeding him custard
With dollops of mustard
Which worked, though his skin turned bright yellow.
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Trump and his admin divisive
Though beaten by margins decisive
Claim's Biden's a fraud
But the news from abroad
Is the watching world thinks this derisive.
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Aladdin's Lamp

Gullible doctor called Khan
Falls for ridiculous yarn
Fifteen million rupees
Aladdin's lamp, jeez
Didn't work, oh my goodness me, darn.
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One Way
Her eyesight problematic
She drives in mode dramatic
Is seen by a cop
Who shouts her to stop
And berates her with words not grammatic.
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Two entrepreneurial farmers
With a fine herd of thoroughbred llamas
By scientific means
Using zebra genes
Bred crias in stripey pyjamas.

Cria...a juvenile Llama or Alpaca 
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The production
A stage never used for production
Was used as a place of seduction
With the pair found in bed
Broken walls round their head
The cause didn't take much deduction.
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A West Yorkshire town's Mayoress
Had friends she was keen to impress
With her chain round her neck
And her mates kept in check
She became a Grand Master of chess.
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Oh Heck
Seems like a case of bad luck to me
In agony, needs appendectomy
Flash of the blade
Incision is made
Surgeon thinks it's a vasectomy.
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Poetic Justice
A poet renowned for his wit
Was surprised to be served with a writ
When his personal life
And that of his wife
To be published, she would not permit.
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Gran's clock
Hickory dickory dock
My gran left me a clock
Chimed all blooming night
So, come the daylight
I threw the damn thing in the loch.
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America's going to choose
Either the reds or the blues
Not much of a test
If these are the best
However they vote, it's a lose.

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The Sheikh
A wealthy Arabian sheikh
Kept a duck that was born with no beak
You may think him crackers
But he kept only quackers
Rare enough to be considered unique.
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A linguist possessing a smattering
Of languages, thought he was flattering
What he thought was you beauty
Translated as snooty
And the young lady gave him a battering.
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A poet, confirmed alcoholic
Combined wit with a pen vitriolic
One day whilst mid smear
Fell into his beer
And drowned in a manner symbolic.
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The confessional
A woman described as professional
Sneaked into her local confessional
As all of her tales
Were of sins caused by males
Her penance was purely discretional.
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Young woman with flawless complexion
Sets heart on a Botox injection
Beautician she slips
Needle misses her lips
Gets a wrinkle free nose on reflection.
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Mutual Attraction
A dashing young palaeontologist
Fell in love with a skilled campanologist
His bones cast their spell
And she rang his bell
Cue, visit to top gynaecologist.
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My wife has bought me two ties
As part of my birthday surprise
I wore one tonight
"Is the other not right?"
She criticised, rolling her eyes.
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The Mayor
Andy, the Manchester mayor
Spoke out, to get a fair share
Got very emotive
But what was his motive
Or is that a little unfair?
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Rapper by name Titchy Willy
Wrote rhymes which were nothing but silly
His partner got cross
And said, "This is dross
You make this stuff up willy nilly."
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A shivering tiny field-mouse
He wanted to live in a house
I know it's a shame
But the clue's in your name
Said Minnie, his long suffering spouse
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Peggy had very bad teeth
And no healthy gums underneath
Dentist fantastic
Made a set out of plastic
Which. to her young son, she bequeathed.
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The Ant
Tony, a five legged ant
Had to walk to his nest on a slant
Friends bought him a stick
To help him walk quick
And motability gave him a grant.
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This is confusing for me
Am I in tier two or tier three
Will I get into trouble
If I don't have a bubble
Can granny pop round for her tea?
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The Cat
A senior citizen, Pat
Was given a robotic cat
With hardly a word
When she stroked it, it purred
And the old lady started to chat.

Fancy that...
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Little Johnny, he needed to go
But teacher refused, she said,"No,
What word starts with a P?"
He said,"You're asking me,
Really miss, you ought to know."

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Billy Bighead, a bit of a boaster
Invented the world's largest toaster
One day he fell in it
And in less than a minute
His head was as flat as a coaster.
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Hobbo the poet, has terrible shakes
Probably triggered by all his mistakes
It's still problematic
Whatever he touches, the poor bugger breaks.
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The boss of a smart ocean liner
Bought only clothes labelled designer
But this two penny toff
Was getting ripped off
His threads were all copies from China.
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The Marine
Peter Petite, a marine
Was a muscle bound fighting machine
Till he went to the ballet
With great auntie Sally
And now likes to dress as the queen.
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Sprawled on the couch watching cricket
My team went and lost their last wicket
"Cheer up my dear
I've brought you a beer."
"Why thank you love. That's just the ticket."
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The Jury
Tommy, from Thailand, a tourist
Was summoned to court as a jurist
Judge Hullabulloo
Said she'd take ten to two
But unanimous Tom was a purist.
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What an amazing award
They've made Ian Botham a Lord
The Queen said,"Arise."
Then to Beefy's surprise
She hit him for six with her sword.
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A financial adviser from Leicester
Was a real gung-ho type of investor
Except with his wife
Who said,"Not on your life
I would rather just leave it to fester."
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Farmer Sue
Farmer Sue Tickle, a giant
On taxes, would not be compliant
They took her to court
And left her with nought
But a battered old Robin Reliant.

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The Greenkeeper
Greenkeeper, E.Moses Grass
Got wed to a proud Yorkshire lass
Extremely God fearing
To help with his shearing
They road on his mower into mass.

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An amateur baker called Mac
Had a recipe he couldn't crack
He'd salt and he'd sweeten
Add almond and pecan
Then voila, the perfect flapjack.
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A serial ladies man, Tony
Claimed an allergy to matrimony
Till a woman called Fi
Sent him weak at the knee
And proved this a load of baloney.
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A teacher from Burnley named Eddy
Had a job which was all go-aheady
He claimed not to drink
But the kids knew his chink
And nicknamed him unsteady Eddy.
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Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Norbert Klopp
Won the hearts and the minds of the cop
The football was thrilling
His focus was chilling
It's been thirty years, but they're top.
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I married a woman called Dot
And when I asked,"Why?" she said,"What?"
I think it's her hearing
Which would be endearing
But she says that I am a clot.
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The washing machine
Jack owned an old washing machine
For keeping his clothes nice and clean
Then when it broke
He sent for a bloke
And now they are both a 'has been.'
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