A relaxing trip

His wife said she needed a spa,
So he drove her to one, in the car.
What a love, what a dear,
But her smiles turned to tears,
When he pulled up outside of the Spar.
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What are you having?

A woman, addicted to gin,
Met a man who was hooked upon sin,
When drunk, she got randy,
Which for him, turned out handy,
Their union, a boozy win-win.
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The crafty shepherd

Six feet of shepherding muscle,
Nabbed bad man, with barely a tussle,
Paper bags on his sheep
Had broken his sleep,
At the first little hint of a rustle.
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A man with a twenty foot beard
By most furry creatures, was feared
Till six cats and a mouse,
Built a fine little house
In his scalp, which was hairily weird.
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Dental Services

He said his appointment was dental,
But, more than her chair was for rental,
For a reasonable fee
She bent over his knee,
When his missus found out, she went mental.
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Mr Greedy

A man with an appetite noted.
To eating weird food was devoted,
An elephant's trunk,
With a side dish of skunk,
He had to admit, left him bloated.
Photo by Magda Ehlers on
Simply Red

With hair of a flaming red ginger,
By nighttime, this crime fighting ninja,
When catching a crook
Always played by the book,
Could capture, but never would injure.
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Poop Scooping

Her favourite dog, a Great Dane,
Passed parcels the size of a train,
At a loss, what to do
With this mountain of poo,
It was baked, bleached and sold as cocaine!
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Professional chauffeur, Jimmy Riddle
Stopped by the road for a piddle.
Traffic cop shaming,
Fined him for aiming
From kerbside, right into the middle.
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The kiss

Anne closed her eyes under the mistletoe
Patiently waiting her Romeo.
When she opened her eyes
In astonished surprise
She was stood nose to nose with a buffalo.
Photo by Harvey Sapir on
The General's Missus

A General's wife, fourteen carat,
At mess had a tad too much claret,
She was caught on the stairs
With Private Affairs
And now, she's confined to the garret.
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That's mine!

A wife, on her first ever cruise
Saw that husband was nicking her booze.
Being fully insured,
He was pushed overboard,
Concluding she'd nothing to lose.
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Deep Breaths

A woman with deep vein thrombosis,
Insisted on fresh diagnosis.
She was in for a shock,
When a specialist doc,
Concluded, severe halitosis.
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An ancient cavalero
By the name of Pierrot,
Had broken his glass,
So to solve this impasse,
he used his son's sombrero.
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She troweled on thick black eyeliner,
To hide the fact, she was a minor.
Her date for the night
Said, "You look a sight,
It's like courting, a bloody coal miner.
Photo by Jacob Kelvin.J on
The entrepreneur

He went to the sex toy convention,
Intending to sell his invention.
He didn't sell many,
That is, until when he
Had added a little extension.

Photo by maitree rimthong on
A nod to Mr Lear

Limericks, are meant to be funny,
Not taken too seriously, honey.
I did what you said,
When you took me to bed,
So, shut up and give me the money.
Photo by Alexander Mils on
Noah's Muddy Ark

Noah was caught in the flood
Up to his eyeballs in mud
Needed a shove
His wife says, my love
The beasts that you fleeced are at stud.
Photo by Frans Van Heerden on

A woman, all lipstick and powder
Every day cooked the same thing, clam chowder
In heels and posh dress
She served the homeless
And husband could not have been prouder.
Photo by Timur Saglambilek on
The Arab Prince

A foolish old sheikh with a leer
Wrote more and more plays every year
Royalties amassed
But the prince was bypassed
And the brass went to silly sheik's peer.
Photo by Donald Tong on
Supersize me

A carnivorous restaurant founder
Invented the meat seven pounder
With mayonnaise spread
Twixt two loaves of bread
Small wonder his belly got rounder.
Photo by Jonathan Borba on

Robin, a prejudiced sparrow
Held opinions, both racist and narrow
These views proved absurd
When he spied a blackbird
That Cupid had hit with his arrow.
Photo by Pixabay on
The philanderer

For the price of ten fags and a beer
The sailor had caught gonorrhea
When his wife made advances
He didn't take chances
He told her he'd got diarrhoea.
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The eye of the beholder

A man with a shiny red tractor
Got wed to an out of work actor
Bereft of a stage
She was left with no wage
And the size of his wheels was a factor.
Photo by Tabitha Mort on
Monsieur Bump

Limerick king, Mister Bump's
Inspiration was down in the dumps
A quick cup of tea
And a biscuit or three
Helped his quick witted rhymes come up trumps.
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In the spirit

The ghouls and the ghosts had a bash
Serving mountains of bangers and mash
For those little sprites
With small appetites
Their option, of course, was goulash.

Bash:  UK slang for a party
Bangers and mash: Sausages and mashed potato
Goulash:  Hungarian stew
Photo by cottonbro on
The French Revolution

The peasants had started to riot
Over rumours that caused them disquiet
There was no cake to scoff
So, Louis the Toff
Was put on a guillotine diet.
Photo by Markus Spiske on
Sweet Revenge

By washing the blood from his shirt
'Twas justice he tried to pervert
But judge got an eyeful
Of strychnine laced trifle
And villain got his, just deserts.
Photo by Sora Shimazaki on
The gay political candidate

Tha' mun as well come out o' closet
Tha's gay lad, an' ivv'ry one nozzit
Our polling denotes
Tha' mun get more votes
Tha' mun even keep thee deposit.

You may as well stop hiding the fact
that you are gay, because everyone knows it.
We have done some polling which indicates
It might increase your chances of winning
And you could even get to keep your deposit.

Note: In the UK, political candidates pay a deposit which is 
returned to them if they get a certain percentage of
the votes.
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At the end of their Summer semester
The histr'y exam were a tester
By being discrete
They managed to cheat
Encouraged, cos teacher Ann sez ter.
Photo by Christina Morillo on
The caring profession

A woman with problems, Fallopian
Saw a specialist doc, Ethiopian
Eighteen kids later
She sued this creator
For spoiling her life style, Utopian.
Photo by Wesner Rodrigues on
Classic Car

The motor belonged to his niece
But she let him have it, on lease
On lifting the bonnet
A fourteen line sonnet
The source of the rhyme, ancient grease.
Photo by mark degnan on
The Pianist

Five star, a young Generalissimo
Was a whizz on the old pianissimo
When he played for the army
His troops all went barmy
How they cheered, as they shouted bravissimo.
Photo by Bryan Geraldo on
The laws of physics

An elephant tried to defy
Laws of physics by learning to fly
She jumped from a bridge
With the grace of a fridge
Squashed six meerkats and two passers-by.
Photo by Adriaan Greyling on
Value for Money

The burger, was so full of gristle
She demanded the head chef's dismissal
The boss disagreed
Not a chip, did he cede
"If it's discount you're after, go whistle."
Photo by Robin Stickel on
Innocent until proven...

Defence lawyers tried to prohibit
CCTV as exhibit
Queen's Counsel won
Result, smoking gun
Saw him swing at the end of a gibbet.

Queen's Counsel:  Prosecution lawyers
Gibbet:  Hangman's scaffold
Photo by Skitterphoto on
The Golfer

His one handicap is his stutter
He can drive hundred yards with a putter
Fairway or rough
If the going gets tough
Golf is his bread and ber butter.
Photo by tyler hendy on
The early bird

A worm, overweight, even burly
Is spotted by blackbird, out early
From the grass, he is torn
As he pops out the lawn
Chomped up, like a choc Curly Wurly.
Photo by Jozef Fehu00e9r on
Norah Docker

Socialite miss, Lady Docker
Wed three millionaires, what a shocker
A girl on the make
Who liked wedding cake
But one at a time, so don't knock her.
Photo by Emma Bauso on
Hide and stink

Hide and seek, young Johnny had hidden
Up to his neck in a midden
When they found him, he stunk
Much worse than a skunk
And to enter his house was forbidden.

midden: compost heap, muck heap, pile of manure
Photo by Allan Mas on
Bath time darling!

She bathed in surroundings luxurious
Not knowing the label was spurious
Bubble bath, it was not
It wrinkled the lot
Nails, skin and hair, she was furious.
Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina on
We shall overcome

Our fragile global community
Must seize this opportunity
Have the vaccine
Against Covid 19
Until each of us has herd immunity.
Photo by Kat Jayne on
The eve of what exactly?

New year's Eve is symbolic
We should put on our glad rags and frolic
Though not any more
We've been put in tier four
So, pity the poor alcoholic.
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on
Spitting images

Double barrelled, a name
Was sign of breeding, or fame
Now in ultra slow mo's
They spit, clear their nose
And football's their game.
Photo by Pixabay on
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A New Year's Resolution

Ecological, his resolution
Eliminate foul air pollution
He stopped eating beans
Cabbage or greens
An effective, but small, contribution.
Photo by Chokniti Khongchum on
Career break

Single-handedly crossing the ocean
Done on a whim, a mere notion
A break from career
Which took fifteen year
By rowing the boat in slow motion.
Photo by Josh Hild on
True Love

Hannah, a beautiful tutor
Had a very shy lad for a suitor
He was caught in a lather
By the angry girl's father
Who threatened the poor lad to neuter.

Dauphy:  Ah, true love never runs smooth!
Hobbo: Wise words Dauphy. Very true.
Photo by Avonne Stalling on
Fussy eating

A boy born with only one nipple
Was allergic to milk as a tipple
In her culinary quest
Mum found what worked best
Was to feed him on raspberry ripple.

raspberry ripple: a popular 
flavour of ice cream in the UK
Photo by Somben Chea on
Goosey Goosey Gone

Her geese were a pair of old honkers
That racket they made drove her bonkers
The sound was a riot
So, to get peace and quiet
The male of the two lost his conkers.
Photo by Olia Gozha on
Photo by Katarzyna Modrzejewska on
The art of biscuit dunking

The biscuit was dunked in her tea
Four seconds, not five and not three
Her timing was wrong
She held it too long
In it plopped, making cookie debris.
Photo by Lisa Fotios on
The Repair Shop

Everything brought him was mendable
This philosophy highly commendable
He would bodge and make do
with filler and glue
But nothing he fixed was dependable.

Bodge, or 'make do' both UK slang 
for amateur DIY repairs.
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on
The Prince

Prince Regent Edward, a toff
Developed a corona type cough
He said, "P.P.E,
Is too common for me,"
And now he's stone cold in a trough.
Photo by Micael Widell on
King Henry VIII

Married, he seeks a solution
Advisers suggest prosecution
False evidence heard
And true to his word
Signs warrant for her execution.
Photo by Ludvig Hedenborg on
Pipe Up!

A man big in circles masonic
Had to have irrigation colonic
It made his eyes water
But cheered up when the porter
Arrived with a large gin and tonic.
Photo by Toni Cuenca on

The Big Date

He splashed on the eau de cologne
For his date with this woman unknown
It had no effect
Despite their connect
The meeting was over the phone.
Photo by @felipepelaquim on

The detective goes deep undercover
Their anarchist plans to discover
She falls for his charms
Straight into his arms
Naively becoming his lover.
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on
The Seamstress

Mother of three Lucy Lastik
With a needle was enthusiastic
At stitching and sewing
She delighted in knowing
That her fashionable clothes were fantastic.
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on
Dual Standards

A great tribal chieftain polygamous
Met raven haired beauty monogamous
He cherished his crown
But she wouldn't back down
And the kids that they had stayed anonymous.
Photo by Faris Munandar on
The Operation

The sight in the mirror had stunned her
The medics had made a real blunder
Her pert little nose
Looked like a red rose
And the surgeon refused to refund her.
Photo by Gratisography on
The Greenhouse

A woman of strange misdemeanour
Had a greenhouse which could've been greener
So now and again
She rang her friend Len
And had the glass shined by Len's cleaner.

Photo by Min An on
The Viking

Hagar the horrible Viking
Had a helmet not quite to his liking
The horns were too small
To protect in a brawl
So, with chin strap he used it for biking.

Photo by Pixabay on
Sammy the snail

Sammy the snail with crustaceous
Shell of proportions palacious
Was mugged by a thug
Now he looks like a slug
And is homeless, which I think disgracious.

Photo by Pixabay on
The Entertainer

Entertainer with stage act hypnotic
Lives lifestyle extremely chaotic
As he shaves, does a dance
Puts himself in a trance
That's not careless, it's just idiotic.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on
Space X

It's gravity free in Space X
Where you've seen some funny effects
On the astronaut's hair
Which flies in the air
What on earth must go on in their kecks?

Kecks; UK slang for a pair of trousers
Photo by Pixabay on
Mr Noisy
Her husband when speaking would bellow
A trait she decided to mellow
By feeding him custard
With dollops of mustard
Which worked, though his skin turned bright yellow.
Photo by Engin Akyurt on
Trump and his admin divisive
Though beaten by margins decisive
Claim's Biden's a fraud
But the news from abroad
Is the watching world thinks this derisive.
Photo by Sharefaith on
Aladdin's Lamp

Gullible doctor called Khan
Falls for ridiculous yarn
Fifteen million rupees
Aladdin's lamp, jeez
Didn't work, oh my goodness me, darn.
Photo by Jonathan Borba on
One Way
Her eyesight problematic
She drives in mode dramatic
Is seen by a cop
Who shouts her to stop
And berates her with words not grammatic.
Photo by Gratisography on
Two entrepreneurial farmers
With a fine herd of thoroughbred llamas
By scientific means
Using zebra genes
Bred crias in stripey pyjamas.

Cria...a juvenile Llama or Alpaca 
Photo by Magda Ehlers on
The production
A stage never used for production
Was used as a place of seduction
With the pair found in bed
Broken walls round their head
The cause didn't take much deduction.
Photo by D0N MIL04K on
A West Yorkshire town's Mayoress
Had friends she was keen to impress
With her chain round her neck
And her mates kept in check
She became a Grand Master of chess.
Photo by Pixabay on
Oh Heck
Seems like a case of bad luck to me
In agony, needs appendectomy
Flash of the blade
Incision is made
Surgeon thinks it's a vasectomy.
Photo by cottonbro on
Poetic Justice
A poet renowned for his wit
Was surprised to be served with a writ
When his personal life
And that of his wife
To be published, she would not permit.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on
Gran's clock
Hickory dickory dock
My gran left me a clock
Chimed all blooming night
So, come the daylight
I threw the damn thing in the loch.
Photo by Jordan Benton on
America's going to choose
Either the reds or the blues
Not much of a test
If these are the best
However they vote, it's a lose.

Photo by cottonbro on
The Sheikh
A wealthy Arabian sheikh
Kept a duck that was born with no beak
You may think him crackers
But he kept only quackers
Rare enough to be considered unique.
Photo by Victor Burnside on
A linguist possessing a smattering
Of languages, thought he was flattering
What he thought was you beauty
Translated as snooty
And the young lady gave him a battering.
Photo by Oleg Magni on
A poet, confirmed alcoholic
Combined wit with a pen vitriolic
One day whilst mid smear
Fell into his beer
And drowned in a manner symbolic.
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on
The confessional
A woman described as professional
Sneaked into her local confessional
As all of her tales
Were of sins caused by males
Her penance was purely discretional.
Photo by Polina Sirotina on
Young woman with flawless complexion
Sets heart on a Botox injection
Beautician she slips
Needle misses her lips
Gets a wrinkle free nose on reflection.
Photo by Min An on
Mutual Attraction
A dashing young palaeontologist
Fell in love with a skilled campanologist
His bones cast their spell
And she rang his bell
Cue, visit to top gynaecologist.
Photo by Mike on
My wife has bought me two ties
As part of my birthday surprise
I wore one tonight
"Is the other not right?"
She criticised, rolling her eyes.
Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery on
The Mayor
Andy, the Manchester mayor
Spoke out, to get a fair share
Got very emotive
But what was his motive
Or is that a little unfair?
Photo by Athena on
Rapper by name Titchy Willy
Wrote rhymes which were nothing but silly
His partner got cross
And said, "This is dross
You make this stuff up willy nilly."
Photo by Harrison Haines on
A shivering tiny field-mouse
He wanted to live in a house
I know it's a shame
But the clue's in your name
Said Minnie, his long suffering spouse
Photo by Alexas Fotos on
Peggy had very bad teeth
And no healthy gums underneath
Dentist fantastic
Made a set out of plastic
Which. to her young son, she bequeathed.
Photo by Serena Koi on
The Ant
Tony, a five legged ant
Had to walk to his nest on a slant
Friends bought him a stick
To help him walk quick
And motability gave him a grant.
Photo by Michael Willinger on
This is confusing for me
Am I in tier two or tier three
Will I get into trouble
If I don't have a bubble
Can granny pop round for her tea?
Photo by u015eahin Sezer Dinu00e7er on
The Cat
A senior citizen, Pat
Was given a robotic cat
With hardly a word
When she stroked it, it purred
And the old lady started to chat.

Fancy that...
Photo by Snapwire on
Little Johnny, he needed to go
But teacher refused, she said,"No,
What word starts with a P?"
He said,"You're asking me,
Really miss, you ought to know."

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on
Billy Bighead, a bit of a boaster
Invented the world's largest toaster
One day he fell in it
And in less than a minute
His head was as flat as a coaster.
Photo by Castorly Stock on
Hobbo the poet, has terrible shakes
Probably triggered by all his mistakes
It's still problematic
Whatever he touches, the poor bugger breaks.
Photo by Pixabay on
The boss of a smart ocean liner
Bought only clothes labelled designer
But this two penny toff
Was getting ripped off
His threads were all copies from China.
Photo by Ibrahim Boran on
The Marine
Peter Petite, a marine
Was a muscle bound fighting machine
Till he went to the ballet
With great auntie Sally
And now likes to dress as the queen.
Photo by Brett Sayles on
Sprawled on the couch watching cricket
My team went and lost their last wicket
"Cheer up my dear
I've brought you a beer."
"Why thank you love. That's just the ticket."
Photo by Patrick Case on
The Jury
Tommy, from Thailand, a tourist
Was summoned to court as a jurist
Judge Hullabulloo
Said she'd take ten to two
But unanimous Tom was a purist.
Photo by Subhan Saad on
What an amazing award
They've made Ian Botham a Lord
The Queen said,"Arise."
Then to Beefy's surprise
She hit him for six with her sword.
Photo by Patrick Case on
A financial adviser from Leicester
Was a real gung-ho type of investor
Except with his wife
Who said,"Not on your life
I would rather just leave it to fester."
Photo by Alexander Mils on
Farmer Sue
Farmer Sue Tickle, a giant
On taxes, would not be compliant
They took her to court
And left her with nought
But a battered old Robin Reliant.

Photo by Skitterphoto on

The Greenkeeper
Greenkeeper, E.Moses Grass
Got wed to a proud Yorkshire lass
Extremely God fearing
To help with his shearing
They road on his mower into mass.

Photo by Matthias Zomer on

An amateur baker called Mac
Had a recipe he couldn't crack
He'd salt and he'd sweeten
Add almond and pecan
Then voila, the perfect flapjack.
Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on
A serial ladies man, Tony
Claimed an allergy to matrimony
Till a woman called Fi
Sent him weak at the knee
And proved this a load of baloney.
Photo by Alicia Zinn on
A teacher from Burnley named Eddy
Had a job which was all go-aheady
He claimed not to drink
But the kids knew his chink
And nicknamed him unsteady Eddy.
Photo by Startup Stock Photos on

Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Norbert Klopp
Won the hearts and the minds of the cop
The football was thrilling
His focus was chilling
It's been thirty years, but they're top.
Photo by Tembela Bohle on
I married a woman called Dot
And when I asked,"Why?" she said,"What?"
I think it's her hearing
Which would be endearing
But she says that I am a clot.
Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna on
The washing machine
Jack owned an old washing machine
For keeping his clothes nice and clean
Then when it broke
He sent for a bloke
And now they are both a 'has been.'
Photo by Gratisography on

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