Counting Games

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Counting Games

For the pessimist
One, two, nothing to do
Three, four, can't take any more
Five, six, I'm in a fix
Seven, eight, ruled by fate
Nine, ten, I don't know when
Eleven, twelve, left on shelves
Thirteen, fourteen, whole world's so mean
Fifteen, sixteen, everything is obscene
Seventeen, eighteen, I'm a has-been
Nineteen, twenty, all is empty.

For the optimist
One, two, plenty to do
Three, four, let's go explore
Five, six, build those bricks
Seven, eight, never too late
Nine, ten, yes happy again
Eleven, twelve, play with elves
Thirteen, fourteen, everything is so green
Fifteen, sixteen, I'm a dancing queen
Seventeen, eighteen, so much unseen
Nineteen, twenty, we've got plenty.


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Robin, a prejudiced sparrow
Held opinions, both racist and narrow
These views proved absurd
When he spied a blackbird
That Cupid had hit with his arrow.

Mother Earth

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Mother Earth

Stripped, scorched, choked, abused
Peeled, poisoned, pillaged, plundered
Murdered by degrees.

Ten Green (Plastic) Bottles

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Ten Green (Plastic) Bottles

Ten world leaders, declaring nothing's wrong.
Nine politicians, stringing us along.

Eight rare species, erased from planet blue.
Seven rain forests, flattened in a coup.

Six choking billions, breathing toxic waste.
Five is the virus, which can not be erased.

Four seas of plastic,poisoning our fish.
Three million skeptics, living on a wish.

Two sole survivors, clinging to a tree.
One final chance now, got no planet B.

Family Matters

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Family Matters

My son Roy
Is two feet tall
This in a boy
Is rather small.

Daughter Pearl
Has great big ears
Which in a girl
Results in tears.

My dog Boo
Thinks he's a cat
He hides his poo
Well, fancy that.

Great Expectations

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Great Expectations

We had some Hard Times
reading David Copperfield
but what the Dickens!

My Lucky Day

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My Lucky Day

Barely had a shower,
Was coming down the stairs
An email in my inbox
A man who says his prayers
Overseas is dying
From some horrid disease
Needs to spend his fortune
And God had chosen me!
Bank details were required,
Well, that seemed fair enough
But, before I give them
I got some other stuff.
Text, congratulations
Huge, my lottery win
Amazing, reason I,
I’ve not paid nothing in!
Please confirm bank details
Of course, well would not you?
Then, by Jove, a phone call
The Inland Revenue.
Big tax over-payment
I only had to ring
Payment in a jiffy
Would end my suffering.
Never been so lucky
So many billet-doux
Here are my bank details
Why, help yourself, please do!

The philanderer

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The philanderer

For the price of ten fags and a beer
The sailor had caught gonorrhea
When his wife made advances
He didn't take chances
He told her he'd got diarrhoea.


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The moment
that you
to live in
already passed.

My sensitive senses

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My sensitive senses

I have five senses
So I'm told
Which function less
As I grow old.

I'm deaf without my
Hearing aids
And use thick specs
As sight degrades.

My taste relies on
My false teeth.
For touch, my skull
has things beneath.

These stop me shaking
Which leaves smell
Best ask my wife
She's sure to tell.
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