The Exemption Certificate

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The Exemption Certificate

This is to certify that the holder of this certificate is exempt from

Work related exertions;
manual or retail
or office bound with email.

health, wealth, finance
family or romance.

financial or property
snubs to abject poverty.

Physical activities;
Everything in real life
Anything but still life.

I further certify that the owner of this certificate is dead.
Evan Chewly

The Poker Player

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The Poker Player

granite expression 
eyes deep as infinite caves
betraying nothing.

Read them their rights

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Read them their rights

Ethnic minorities
Ordinary people
Indicted prisoners
Black people
Indigenous populations
LGBT community
Itinerant people
...hell, yes. Absolutely yes, but there is another side to this...

A poetical movement

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A poetical movement

Six sonnets sail the seas
A rondeau rows the ocean
The limerick rarely sees
Such poetry in motion.

Amazing fact

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Amazing fact

World's strongest man catches a train.


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At the end of their Summer semester
The histr'y exam were a tester
By being discrete
They managed to cheat
Encouraged, cos teacher Ann ses ter.

The Racehorse

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The racehorse

eleven hundred
pounds of graceful thoroughbred
deciding my fate.

The caring profession

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The caring profession

A woman with problems, Fallopian
Saw a specialist doc, Ethiopian
Eighteen kids later
She sued this creator
For spoiling her life style, Utopian.

Long John Baldry

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Dauphy and I are always happy to do requests. Our friend John Malone in Australia asked if we would pen a verse or two about Long John Baldry, and we are pleased to oblige. John Malone has a great website, well worth a visit if you haven’t already. Here is a link:

Long John Baldry was an English-Canadian blues singer who was the front man for many bands involving famous singers such as Rod Stewart and Elton John. He reached number one in the UK in 1967 with Let the heartaches begin and a duet with Kathi McDonald, You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’, reached number two in Australia in 1980. He died in Canada in 2005.

Long John Baldry

Let the heartaches begin
Long, his talents have flown
He played for The Beatles
And sang with The Stones.

Christened John Willy
We need not harp on
No need of a wordsmith
To make this Long John.

Eastern Promise

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Eastern Promise

Things were not as they seemed.
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