Hobbo, you won her first prize!
You're becoming a bit of a thinker
Though, that was a lovely surprise
Chel's next challenge could be a stinker!

Dauphy (RIP)

The flu jab

A topical one for you today. Spare me a thought whilst I’m sitting in the doctor’s surgery.


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WINNER of the A Mused Poetry Contest 9/18/2020

Hobbo’s first poetry competition, and he won it!
Dauphy RIP

Essential tremor

Today’s poem is a semi-autobiographical story about a man with essential tremor. This neurological condition affects hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, making it difficult to perform the simplest of tasks. I have the condition, and if I can laugh about it, why shouldn’t you? If you want to know more, just Google ‘essential tremor.’

The poem is called ‘Shaken not stirred,’ and can be found on in the Monologues menu.


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Saucy Corner

I’ve decided to remove Saucy Corner from the site. It wasn’t getting many hits, and more importantly, it didn’t really fit in with what the site is about. In this weird Covid world in which we inhabit, I just want to give you something to lighten your mood, and make you chuckle. You should be able to share those laughs with your kids. Hope it’sthe right decision.

I’ll post a fresh poem later today.


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Life’s too short

It was my old pal Dauphy who taught me that life is too short not to laugh at it. So, thanks again for all your kind words after I lost him this week. A special thank you goes to the people who said that I should continue with Hobbo’s Poems. I’m going to take your advice, and will be leaving Dauphy’s name and photos on the website, because he is as much a part of this as I am.

Please continue to offer your love and support by visiting us at If you want to click on the links there and join our small list of followers, that would be just great.

Todays poem, ‘Farmer Sue,’ is in our limerick section. Thank you


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Thank you for joining us at Hobbo’s Poems

Thank you

A big thank you for all your messages and kind words yesterday, many from people who have lost pets themselves. You understand.

I still haven’t decided whether to keep going. For today, I have moved a poem I wrote about Dauphy a while ago to the head of our ‘Other poems’ section.

In memory of Dauphy R.I.P.

‘Lord help me to be the person my dog thinks I am.’

So sad

I lost my best friend Dauphy today. I’m so upset. There will be no more poems for a while. There may be no more poems ever. I’m thinking of closing this site down. In the meantime, let me share with you some photos of a truly lovable dog.



The daftness continues on hobbos poems with my hat collection.


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Our poem of the day is a topical one for you today. Find it in ‘Other poems’ on


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